Friday Links- The Girl Who Escaped From The Taliban And Became A Soccer Star, The Goalkeeper’s Union + More

The Girl Who Escaped From The Taliban And Became A Soccer Star

The Goalkeeper’s Union

What A Goal By Jordon Ibe In Training Today

Damien Duff Is Donating His Entire Salary To Charity

Are Everton Really Dumb Enough To Turn Down Tons Of Money For John Stones?

FFDTV- Check Out this Channel

FFD was started by myself DJ Furious just having a regular kick about in the park with some friends. I then decided to film some of the sessions as i was coaching some players involved in academy football, with the idea to watch the footage after to see where players could improve. After reviewing some of the footage and showing some of my friends involved in football and music, I received positive feedback and felt other people may enjoy watching the footage. My friends and I are always watching football videos on YouTube and feel that we could produce a quality football series that all fans would enjoy and can get involved with through the website.


I ran across this site the other day and thought I would share it with everyone. It’s pretty cool they create YouTube videos showcasing the skills of soccer prospects. These kids are filthy and it’s cool to see a site showcasing their talents so that they get noticed. I highly suggest you check it out.

Young Kids Recreate Famous Soccer Photographs #BadBoysFC

From George Logan:

This was a personal project with photographer George Logan.

A series of lighthearted photos that recreate infamous footballing
moments, with kids. We wanted to ask whether a game that has
increasingly courted controversy over the years, with ever growing
salaries and celebrity lifestyles, is still creating the right role
models for Britain’s youth to copy.

What an idea! This guy has been getting a lot of press for these photographs and he deserves it. He took these pictures to convey a certain message and I could care less what that message is. I just find it hilarious seeing young kids recreating these pictures. The top picture is definitely the Mario Balotelli recreation. The real picture was ridiculous when it happened and it makes sense seeing a child recreate it. At least if a child had done it he could have been excused for his childish behavior. Mario Balotelli is just a child who never grew up.

h/t 8 by 8

Ballboy Joins Goal Celebration

From Deadspin:

We are here because Wycombe were trailing at home to 10-man Dag & Red five minutes into injury time before the final whistle when Wycombe won a throw-in deep in Dag & Red territory. It was thrown in then cleared out of the box, before ending up at the feet of Wycombe right back Michael Harriman, who lobbed up a perfect cross to the far post. Wycombe’s Aaron Pierre darted in front of his marker and headed in the equalizer seconds before the death, sending the home crowd into hysterics.

The amount of respect I have for this kid cannot be measured by any earthly measurement. This ballboy did what all of us ballboys have always wanted to do but have never had the guts to do and thats joining in the goal celebration. It takes so much self-control to not join in the goal celebrations when you were a ballboy. It looks like so much fun that you almost feel compelled to join when you’re on the field.

When I volunteered for the Philadelphia Union I always dreamed of running onto the field to celebrate a goal. I always imagined that the brief moment of joy I got from that would be worth getting banned from the stadium. However, I always reasoned against it. This kid didn’t follow reason or logic. He saw his favorite team tie the goal and he couldn’t help himself. What made it even better is that the player who scored the goal picked him up to celebrate. The pure joy in this moment makes the whole world feel like a much better place.