Sporting Kansas City Thanks Fans After 50 Straight Sell Outs at Sporting Park

Can you see an NFL team doing this for their fans? This is what makes MLS so special. The league is built and sustained by the fans so the teams and league office have a genuine respect and admiration for its fan. Without them this league would not be where it is today and without these fans specifically who knows if Sporting Kansas City would have recovered from their early years as The Wizards.

h/t The Original Winger

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See How Much British Transfer Fees Have Soared

It is one thing to overpay for a 48 oz steak or for an intricate woven sock comprised of the finest silk in the world. It is another to overpay for a footballer whose only guaranteed return is increased jersey sales and maybe a few more season ticket holders. Check out the article below to see some landmarks of the British transfer fee over the past 125 years. Something tells me that the last two record breakers have not exactly achieved the way they were expected to. *Cough*Cough* Fernando Torres and Andy Carroll. I hope Di Maria can break the English curse on the most expensive man in the league!

Check out the infographic below and click it to check out the full article courtesy of BBC Sport.
transfer fees

Romanian Defender Steps In After Goalie Is Injured And Saves Two Penalties In Shootout

His name is Cosmin Moti and he is a Romanian center back for the Bulgarian team Ludogorets Razgradand. He had to step in after the goalkeeper was injured in the 118th minute but could not be subbed because Ludogorets Razgrad had used all their subs. This defender puts Jasper Cillessen’s performance in the world cup semifinals to shame. Some goalkeepers cannot even save one shot during a penalty shootout and this defender saved two. That’s an otherworldly level of athleticism. Because of his two saves Ludogorets Razgrad would win 6-5 in penalties and qualified for the group stages of the 2014 Champions League.

And of course for us Americans it brings back memories of this Eddie Gaven moment…

h/t MLSsoccer

Pope Endorses September 1st Interreligious Peace Match

VATICAN CITY (AP) –Pope Francis is backing an interreligious soccer match that will gather greats from around the globe and is aimed at promoting peace and raising money for at-risk kids…Argentina coach Gerardo Martino and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will put together teams featuring Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist players. Among those who have signed up: Lionel Messi, Filippo Inzaghi, Samuel Eto’o.

This is a great idea by Pope Francis. It is well-documented that he is a big soccer fan and there is no better way to raise awareness then with some of the games biggest stars. It would also be interesting to see the different religions of soccer players around the world as it will help give the audience a unique perspective on how religion has no effect on the abilities of a soccer player just like someone with a different religion makes them no different from any of us. Hopefully this game gets broadcast somewhere because I definitely want to support this endeavor and I’m sure the same can be said for people all over the world


Manchester United is Struggling, but are They Really Down and Out?

It is one thing to lose your first league home opener in the past 42 years.

Just in case you forgot some of the fun:

It’s another to draw your next game in an inglorious fashion.

It is completely different and borderline unacceptable for a team as “mighty” as Manchester United to get played off the park by a League One team. MK Dons taught Manchester United a lesson. In front of a sold out home crowd of 29,000+ the Dons found a 4-0 win against a Manchester United side that looked eerily mediocre and stoic. You can argue that United played a bunch of young players that were incapable of handling the pressure or the task at hand. You can argue that the new system is taking longer than expected to shine through. The best argument is that United just were not good enough. They looked lifeless, as if MK Dons was the team with massive reputation and payroll. Sometimes it is easy to be the underdog; there is no pressure or expectations and any success is a lucky benefit. This time, MK Dons, whose total payroll of 235,000 euros (Rooney is on 500,000/week) found a result and a dominant one at that!

So the question becomes, is this humiliating enough? Or is United destined for greater shortcomings before they return to greatness. You look at the transfers in this summer and it seems that the defensive posture needed in Van Gaal’s system has largely been forgotten. Herrera and Di Maria are the biggest signings of the summer but offer no solidarity to a defense that couldn’t stop my U12 team from getting chances. We must wonder what is going on in Manchester? Three in the back requires some incredible athleticism and excellent 1 v 1 defending. Does Manchester United have that back there? No. And the club continues to pursue attacking options and that would be fine if United scored four goals a game. Alas, the struggles are on both ends and the signs of improvement and progress are limited at best.


All is not lost though. The next three fixtures for United are quite favorable with the likes of Burnley, QPR and Leicester City on the docket. It is almost like the league knew United would need to be bailed out from its struggles so it could once again compete for something. If United get 7 points out of these three games, this could be an early turning point in the season to hopefully instill a bit of confidence in the group. It does not matter that two of these games are on the road. If you are Manchester United, you need results and you need them now. I am not a Manchester United fanboy but I do appreciate when the big clubs stick to a system and find a way to success, so I hope, and I know all Manchester United fans hope, that Van Gaal and company figure themselves out sooner rather than later. It would be some travesty to see one of the biggest clubs in the world find itself in the Championship division next year!