Happy Thanksgiving!- Turkeys Playing Soccer

I could have easily gone with a pun involving the country Turkey and its soccer team but we here at The 93rd Minute are above that. Instead I give you actual turkeys playing soccer. I just wish there had been a ref watching this game though because there sure were a lot of fowls.

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Goalkeeper Makes 5 Saves During PKs With His Face

Top Soccer Shootout Ever – Studio C. A soccer match between the Yale Bulldogs and the North Carolina Tar Heels comes down to Scott Sterling and the most epic penalty kick shootout you’ll ever see.

Until now I had never heard of Studio C. However, according to a quick Google search they sketch comedy television show produced by BYUtv. I have not seen any of their other work but after watching this skit I can vouch for how hilarious they are. Despite the simple concept the skit draws a lot of laughs. After the scene where he starts crawling away from the goal I lost it.

*The only weird thing I noticed was the announcers had British accents. No idea why announcers for a college soccer game in the US would have British announcers.

Greek Youngster Pulls Off The Improbable To Escape Being Cornered By Two Defenders

From 101greatgoals.com

This unbelievable clip from a Greek youth league match between AO Ioannina and Agia Eleousa is sure to go viral. Young George Vrakas executed a truly jaw-dropping piece of skill to leave two opposition players for dead.

The Champions League is on so instead of writing an article I chose to post a video of an absurd move that a young Greek player uses to escape being cornered by two defenders. I can’t even pull that move off in my dreams.

NYC FC Releases Inaugural Away Kit

Now this is what I wanted to see! The home kits were disappointing to say the least. They were almost indistinguishable from the Manchester City home kit. However, this away kit has some real identity. The orange accent is also a nice touch. I’d never wear the home kit but I could see myself wearing this. After the home kit came out there was a lot of backlash because it did not feature any orange and looked exactly liked the Manchester City kit so it’d be interesting to find out if NYC FC tweaked this jersey from its original design to accommodate the home kit criticism. We may never know.

Washington Wizards Playing FIFA on Big Screen At Verizon Arena

I wonder how this is even possible. What did Nene have to put the arena tech guy through in order to get this up and running? It seems like it had to be a laborious process so Nene definitely must have hooked the tech guy up with some free gear and autographed stuff to be able to play on the big screen.

Derby Day Between Newcastle United And Sunderland (Video)

English short film that portrays the atmosphere on derby day between Newcastle United and Sunderland.

It is hard to take such volatility and turn it into at but this filmmaker accomplishes just that. Derby days around the world are always very tense affairs and Sunderland/Newcastle United is no exception. For fans around the world it is hard to get a good sense of the atmosphere on these days. However, this video comes as close as I think a short film can.