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If You Know How To Play Football, You Know How To Dance

Libero Magazine proves that men can actually dance.
Because if they know how to play football, they know how to dance.

I have no idea what Libero Magazine is but these commercials makes me want to read it. Nothing better than men awkwardly dancing. Plus now I have new moves for when I go to the club. Instead of going with the tried and true “rolling the dice” technique I can now pretend like I’m warming up for a soccer game to woo the ladies on the dance floor. Hide your daughters fathers around the world.

h/t The Original Winger

Team Gets Scored On While Celebrating Their Goal

During a match between K-Stars and Ferroviario, an unusual team celebration leads to an equalizer goal being scored

Karma is a bitch. This video makes me so happy and it should make you happy to. How many times has your team given up a goal and the other team raucously celebrated as you tried to pick yourself up off the ground? I remember when I played with Brazilians and after one of them scored the rest of the team came over and pretended to shine his shoe. I can only imagine how much that infuriated our opponents. When you get scored on and the other team celebrates in your face you would sell your soul to the devil to shut them up. There’s no better way to shut them up to score a goal. However, it’s one thing to score a goal 10 minutes later but it’s even more satisfying to score a goal while they are too busy celebrating. The fact that this game ended in a 1-1 tie just makes it even sweeter.

Minnesota United Announced As MLS’s Next Expansion Team


Major League Soccer announced on Wednesday that Minnesota has been awarded an expansion team that will begin play in 2018. The new club will be owned by a Minnesota ownership group led by Dr. Bill McGuire, and the team will play in a new soccer-specific stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

“We are proud to welcome Minnesota to Major League Soccer,” MLS Commissioner Don Garber said in a league statement. “The ownership group’s commitment to soccer and the community, the area’s growing millennial population and the region’s rich tradition of supporting soccer at all levels in Minnesota were key indicators that this was the right market. The passionate soccer fans in Minnesota will soon have a world-class, downtown soccer stadium that will serve as the home for the new MLS team and become a destination for marquee international sports events.”

McGuire, owner of Minnesota United FC of the North American Soccer League, will be joined in the ownership group by a group of investors that is still being finalized but that wil linclude Robert Pohlad, Jim Pohlad, Wendy Carlson Nelson and Glen Taylor. McGuire, a physician, philanthropist and former CEO of UnitedHealth Group, has been actively involved in the Minnesota soccer community since purchasing the Minnesota Stars (now United) in November 2012.

Great news for Minnesota soccer fans and also great news for American soccer fans in general. From what I have seen Minnesota United FC has a passionate fan base and very committed ownership. They seem to understand the landscape of American soccer and it is clear that they have developed a knack for developing and discovering talent as illustrated by Miguel Ibarra being called up to the USMNT. MLS’s Miami decision is looking more suspect by the day but at least they knocked this selection out of the park. Based upon the success of Minnesota United’s bid it will be hard for MLS to stop expanding because there are plenty of NASL teams that have proven themselves worthy of being the next MLS franchise. Hopefully, MLS continues to expand because there are many more “Minnesota United’s” out there and their fans deserve to be supporting a team in American soccer’s first division.

Thierry Henry Surprises School Wearing Wig & Glasses

I’m posting this video mainly because of Thierry Henry saying “Quiet! Quiet please!” What former student hasn’t always dreamed of saying that in the back of their mind? I’ve considered being a substitute teacher for a day just to say that. As for the rest of the video I wish they had done more. I commend Sky Sports for honoring the girl this way but I wish they had put more effort into Henry’s disguise. It would have been much funnier if the students had treated him like a normal teacher before he revealed who he was. Imagine the looks of shock and horror on their faces when they found out it’s Thierry Henry after throwing a spitball at him. That would have been an internet classic right away.

Super Hero Soccer (Video)

I honestly thought this was pretty lame but since I saw so many other people sharing it I decided it was worth a blog post. Truth be told it kind of reminds me of the classic video game Super Mario Strikers. If you’ve never played that game then go buy a Gamecube/Wii  and order the game used online and play it. FIFA is the best soccer game but Super Mario Strikers has all the fun of a soccer game while still being accessible to your non-soccer fan friends. A lot of good memories playing that game with friends during college.