Friday Links- War, Auschwitz, And The Tragic Tale Of Germanys Jewish Soccer Hero, The 93 Year Old Reading Fan + More

War, Auschwitz, And The Tragic Tale Of Germanys Jewish Soccer Hero

Meet The 93-Year-Old Reading Fan Whose Dislike Of Arsenal Dates To The 1920s

Liverpool lead Manchester United, Arsenal, Everton and Tottenham in Ultimate League

Amount Of Different Countries Reaching The Champions League Semi-Finals Through The Decades

Source: Reddit

Why Parity Is The Greatest Threat To A Thriving MLS

Panathinaikos Vs. Olympiakos Lives Up To Its Tag As The ‘Eternal Enemies’ Derby

Club América vs Montreal Impact CCL Highlights

This was quite a heroic effort by the Montreal Impact. It sucks that they conceded a goal in the final few minutes but I bet if you asked them before the game if they would have taken a 1-1 tie heading back to the second leg at their home stadium they would have taken without question. 59,000 screaming fans will surely be enough to propel the Montreal Impact to victory. If they do they will earn the honor of being the first MLS team to win the CONCACAF Champions League.

What Do You Think Of The New USWNT World Cup Kits?

I can’t say I hate the black and white. It is a clean and simple look which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, the lack of any red or blue doesn’t seem right. In fact it seems downright Un-American. The logo at least should have blue or red. I find it weird that the only “color” on this kit are the neon socks. Since when is neon associated with the United States? Instead of being neon the socks should be red and/or blue. If that were the case then I would be satisfied with this kit. 

Messi: 401 Goals Worth a Watch

Hopefully you all are not lost under a rock and blinded from the majesty of Lionel Messi. If you have been, unearth yourself to this video below. All 400 of Messi’s goals for Barcelona are contained in 30 minutes of joy. Can he score 400 more before the end of his career?